Just sharing some clarification.  There are currently two separate proposed projects happening in Islip Hamlet that seem to be getting mixed up in social media, both of which affect our Islip Hamlet regardless of if you are a neighbor to the project, travel the roadways, have children in Islip School district or volunteer in our local fire or rescue organizations. 

Tonight, on the Town Board Agenda, is the proposed 96 apartments and mini storage warehouse facility to be built on Freeman Avenue, Islip on Spur Drive South.  This is the final hearing on this matter.  If you would like to support this project or are against this project, tonight is your last opportunity to speak on the matter.

T.C. #5263 – GRACEWOOD ESTATES – East side of Freeman Avenue, 300 feet south of Spur Drive South, Islip (0) Freeman Avenue. Applicant seeks a Change of Zone from Industrial One and Two Districts to both Residence CA District and Industrial One District in order to construct 96 apartments and a mini storage warehouse facility. Applicant also seeks a Town Board Approval to utilize increase density permitted in the CA District pursuant to Town Code Section 68-173.1 and 68- 173.2. A minor subdivision will also be required as part of this application. Site plan modifications are also required as part of this application.

Source; Town Board Agenda 

Last week a SEPERATE project was proposed for the first time to the town for Main Street across from the entrance of the High School where Perino’s Canvas and the building painted blue exists today.  This proposed project is to build a three story building with a first floor of retail shops, and 10 apartments above.  Further hearings will be scheduled regarding this project.