The Jake Koenigsdorf Foundation is an amazing foundation that fundraises to help those that are struggling with addiction. In October, 2013, this foundation was created and began to provide individuals, families, and communities with practices to overcome and prevent addiction. The foundation helps those that are struggling with addiction by raising money to send them to recovery centers. With a vision to stand by, “united, we will overcome addiction one life at a time” they’ve raised $200,020 dollars and helped 256 people join recovery. At Timber Point Country Club in Great River, on March, 30th, a fundraiser was held and over one hundred people came out to support the cause. At the event people that have gone through this foundation were introduced to benefactors there; exemplifying the success this foundation has had in only a few years. Through this foundation people have received the help, support, and trust they needed to change their lives for the good. Truly amazing program, and all those that are apart of it.