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Member Spotlight August 2016


The Islip Chamber of Commerce August 2016 spotlight :

Mondays at Racine


Cynthia Sansone
&  Rachel Demolfetto


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About Mondays at Racine

Mondays at Racine Cancer Care Foundation is a non‐profit organization located in Islip, NY. Every Monday we provide free in‐salon beauty and wellness services to anyone undergoing treatment for cancer. All of these are specifically designed to help minimize the side effects of cancer treatments.
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Why are you a member of the Islip Chamber of Commerce?
We are proud to be a part of a community where our local businesses
& residents volunteer and support each other.

What are your business’s core values, goals, and overall mission?

Our Mission …is to encourage a self-empowering, mind-body approach to treatment, in concert with traditional medicine, to ensure wellness and vitality. By attending to the whole person and not just the disease, Mondays at Racine offers people suffering with cancer the opportunity to
face the challenge of healing…beautifully!
Our Vision …is to change the face of cancer utilizing the skills of the beauty industry. By creating a national movement providing education and programs that work alongside conventional medical protocols, millions of people all over the country and world will be able to heal more effectively.
Our core values Hope and Care: To raise awareness and instill a sense of hope while our clients undergo treatment and provide outstanding care.
Responsibility and Integrity: Making all of our decisions based on the needs of our program and staying true to our vision. Showing responsibility with actions and follow through on promises.
Honesty & Gratitude: Acting with transparency, respect and dignity to all. Giving authentic gratitude to all of our donors, sponsors, clients and volunteers for they are the key to this program.
Teamwork and Community Support: To effectively work with one another to achieve a high standard of excellence in service. To create a safe haven and resource center for our community to rely on.

Share some unique facts and business history?
What makes your business stand out?

Mondays at Racine has provided complimentary services to support and comfort people receiving treatment for cancer. In 2003, they created the Mondays at Racine cancer care program. Over 6000 people have benefited from services We believe in treating the whole person not just the disease. We offer people suffering with cancer to face the challenge of healing..beautifully In 2013 the short documentary Mondays at Racine was nominated for an academy award. Our program is not exclusive to one hospital. We work in tandem with all major Long Island Hospitals including Sloan Kettering.

What products or services do you offer companies or individuals?
Mondays at Racine Cancer Care Foundation provides complimentary beauty and wellness services every Monday to women and men undergoing treatment for cancer. They include : Hair and Scalp Treatments Facials Cosmetic and Lash Service Nail and Foot Care Meditation and Yoga Massage Therapy Reiki Healing and Guided Imagery.

What accomplishments are you most proud of?
That we are serving our community as well as these courageous individuals. Our program has grown to become a safe haven for patient’s emotional well being, as well as an important supportive resource center within our community. It has also helped hundreds of women deal with their affliction in a gentle and proactive way. It is an honor to serve them. We have Developed a Charter Program where salons throughout Long Island and the country can offer our program. Currently there are 9 “Mondays” salons in New York and 5 out of state. The Medical Board has approved the protocols that we have created and follow each and every Monday. In 2013 the short documentary
“Mondays at Racine” was nominated for an academy award. We host the Long Island Beauty Ball each year. The support we receive at this fund raising event provides the resources needed for Mondays at Racine to expand our vital program. We’re proud of the fact that we are supported by our community. It is humbling walking through Islip and Bay Shore and seeing the emblem
Proud Supporter of Mondays at Racine in shop and Restaurant windows.

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