By: Holly Iafrate

Islip students just got back from the Spain Trip! Every year select students form the World Langauage Honor Society are given the opportunity to travel to either Italy or Spain based off of member status and amount of participation in the club. This year students were given the opportunity to see some of Spain’s most infamous cities: Sevilla, Córdoba, Madrid, Zaragoza, and Barcelona. At these magnificent cities students were able to talk to locals, try local foods, and visit some of Spain’s most famous monuments. Barcelona proved to be a favorite of trip; students got to see La Sagrada Familia and Park Güell. Both of these famous sites were developed by the architect Antoni Gaudí, so each site had its own colorful charm! Local music always filled the streets and orange trees were blooming. The Islip staff, directed by Mrs. Maisano, did a wonderful job of ensuring that the trip ran smoothly and most importantly every attendee was safe and accounted for. Overall, the trip was amazing and truly enriched Islip students with Spain’s culture.